I’ve been working on bikes for years, but like so many home mechanics, we’ve made do with a small tool-box of various implements collected over the years; undoubtedly a jar or two with bits of 5, 6 and 7-speed chain links that’ll probably ‘come in handy one day’ also adorn the garage windowsills.

So in early 2019 I decided to formalise my bike fettling and qualify with a Diploma.  The first 2-weeks of the course run by the Cycle Systems Academy in Devon was really just a re-cap and a great way to establish a level for all the students; it was the second fortnight where the skills were hones. From Shimano, SRAM and Campag group sets, both electronic and mechanical, to full mountain bike suspension set-ups and bleeding of all hydraulic brake systems; advanced wheel-building was certainly one element not to miss.

Not only could you hone all theses great skills, but it was a great opportunity to see what’s actually required in a fully-tooled-up workshop; which tools do you use the most; which are the best; what are there ‘must have’ specialist tools (the hammer and block of wood of years gone by can now officially be retired…..hopefully too with this memories of skinned knuckles!)

The No Two Cycles workshop was fully opened un June this year.  Have I used all the tools yet?  Not quite… but certainly more than I thought!