Cycle Servicing:


No Two Cycles is first and foremost a local workshop that takes pride in servicing and maintaining your bicycles; from the latest top-of-the range carbon racing bikes, to mountain bikes, e-bikes and those bikes we’ve all had in the back of the garage for far too long….they all deserve to be well maintained and enjoyed.  In the past year I’ve also had the pleasure of working on tricycles, a couple of MountainTrike wheelchairs and carrying out some control adaptations for users with physical restrictions – such rewarding work.

I offer various service levels for all styles of bikes.  Road, Electric, MTB and BMX and tandems to name a few.  I’m flexible too, so if your bike needs something a little more than the basic service, but not a full general service, we’ll work something out.

You can drop your bike off any time and depending upon how busy the workshop is, I’ll be able to give you a quick assessment there and then, followed up by a more thorough report once I start to work on your bike – feel free to give me a call to get your bike booked in for a quick turnaround.

Primarily workshop based, by exception I can offer a collection and drop-off service, or for smaller repairs and ‘quick fixes’, I’m happy to do those on-site if we can agree a suitable time, however, with the tempo in the workshop, this isn’t the norm.




Of course, there’s no point having a correctly working bike if you can’t get the most out of it, so as part of any service, or work carried out, I’ll always offer advice on bike fitment, from the basic ‘are you comfortable’, to a full bike-fit using a Wattbike and your own bicycle.


Workshop workshops:


The enjoyment of your bicycle doesn’t stop there; your bike works, you are sitting comfortably, but you’re on the road and puncture, or your gears skip.  You may not know how to get the best out of your gears, or maybe you don’t feel comfortable descending… how do you best use your brakes?    For any or all of those situations, I’d be happy to spend time with individuals or groups, either at my workshop, or with you, so you can feel confident out on the road.


Events and Event Support:


In addition to the workshop services, No Two Cycles also proudly provides technical support to cycling events, both at the event venue and with on-route support.  In the past few years I’ve been delighted to provide regular support the wonderful Two Wheels and a Piece of Cake events; The Viking Challenge; the RAF Benevolent Fund RAFA Rides and Endorphin Sports Triathlons.  2022 also gave me the opportunity to support the Trans Pyrenean Race – not one to forget in a hurry!

And when not supporting events, I’ve also been running a number of ‘grass roots’ events and trips in conjunction with Caffe Velo Verde – details of past and forthcoming events can be found on our respective social media platforms.