Updated Jan 2023; see text in italics

Historically and in-line with a number of other workshops, I’ve used three tiers for the pricing structure: Basic/General/Full; Gold/Silver/Bronze – call it what you like, but all essentially offer the same three levels, with the ‘standard service’ sitting somewhere between £40 and £90….please do read what you’re getting for your money.

Since opening in 2019 the vast majority of my ‘standard’ services have been what’s now listed as the general service; my original price scale of £65 price tag was too much, but the basic £35 not enough, so I simplified my pricing set the general service at £45.  Throughout the whole of the COVID pandemic I froze my prices, however, for 2023, to reflect the cost of all parts and consumables increasing in price, the cost of a general service has risen to £55 – this still offers great value for money! 

So why the other tiers?  Not all bikes will need a general service; there’s small jobs and little fixes that can get you back on the road and at the other end, work beyond the normal ‘general’ schedule – brake bleeding, tubeless tyre conversions, suspension servicing, bike builds and groupset swaps….and so much more.  So for this the costs are just quoted separately.



I’d recommend this service for bikes less than a year old, and ones that rarely get ridden. A good bike health check-up. This will cover the major points of your bike to make sure its safe and more importantly, enjoyable to ride; of course, if more needs doing, I’ll always call and advise you first.


  • Safety check, to include; visual frame/forks inspection, all moving parts, tighten/torque all nuts and bolts. Check and adjust the brakes (does not include bleeding of hydraulic brakes).
  • Check and adjust the gears; derailleur alignment.
  • Check tyre pressures and tread wear.
  • Check wheels for alignment and wear.
  • Check hubs for play, tighten if necessary.
  • Check and adjust the headset.
  • Check chain and drive train for wear.
  • Lubrication of drive train (chain, gears and associated components)
  • Will include advice on any further work required (fitting of new parts not included.)

General Service:


This is an ideal service for bikes that get ridden regularly and need to be kept in good condition.

Moving on from the basic service, I spend more time looking into the bike and servicing the components, major bearings are stripped down and re-greased, wheels are trued and spokes tensioned.

  • Gears checked and tuned for smooth shifting
  • Rear derailleur alignment is checked and re-aligned if required
  • Brakes inspected and adjusted (pads replaced if required – cost of pads not included*)
  • Headset, handlebars and stem checked and correct torque settings applied
  • Cranks and chainrings checked and correct torque settings applied
  • Tyres checked and correctly inflated
  • Seatpost removed, cleaned, lubricated and re-fitted, saddle fitting checked, and correct torque settings applied
  • Entire drivetrain removed (chainset, bottom bracket, cassette, chain, mechs), inspected in detail, cleaned, adjusted and replaced if worn (cost of parts not included*)
  • Wheels inspected and trued


Custom Service:


Price:  In-line with the recent review, the cost of this service will be more ‘menu-based’; we will discuss all the work required above that of a general service.  The text below gives an indication of some of the  additional work.

I’d suggested this service at the end of the season perhaps. This is the works, your bike is stripped down to the frame, every part is cleaned and de-greased, damaged and worn parts are replaced and then the bike is re-assembled, ready for another year of enjoyment.   

All the features of the General Service, but with so much more!

With the variety of bikes and tech available, hybrids, road/racing bikes, gravel bikes, mountain bikes, with and without suspension; hydraulic brakes and electronic gear systems, there’s so much more to ensuring your bike is in the best condition and beyond the general service, no two bikes will require the same work, so we’ll work together to get the service that is right for you and your bike.