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1 month ago
Photos from No Two Cycles's post

Before and after:

A customer in his late 70s asked if there was anything I could do to help him with hills.....he bought this Falcon (weighing in juat under 30lbs) in 1981. Sure, there’s lots of ... See more

1 month ago

- Bored of lock-down?

- Wondering if your indoor training has paid off?

- Excited about the prospect of meeting friends again (and beating them)?

- Feel like turning yourself inside out ... See more

1 month ago

Another great week in the workshop.... (standfast the hideous weather!)

A few weeks ago I was delighted to be asked by British Cycling (East Mids region) to maintain their fleet of bikes; they are ... See more

1 month ago

I'm running a busy bike workshop and my mate is flat-out in a cafe (Caffe Velo Verde - you may have heard of it...?); so, how do two folk squeeze more into their already busy schedules? Yup, you've ... See more

1 month ago

Just finished this build for a customer..... a beautiful Evil Bikes Following (; some lovely little touches with Hope Hoops, Bottom Bracket, stem and top ... See more

Evil Following MB CUSTOM 😍

1 month ago
Quality Sports Nutrition

Now I’ve put in a mile or two on the bike; I used to use gels and powder when I ran marathons and ultras too. There’s definitely a fair selection out there; back in the day I’d muxmy own ... See more

10% off & FREE delivery

1 month ago

“Wakey, wakey summer bike, it’s almost time to get up..... 😴😴.”

“Please....just ten more minutes, it still looks cold outside”.

So we’ve had our first glimpse of what ... See more

2 months ago

Yes, this is a gin AND mental health post ..... just go with it!

Now I’m not suggesting that this is the usual currency for bike repairs, but this did arrive in the post this morning from one very ... See more

2 months ago
Caffe Velo Verde

So great to hear that one of our local cafes has been features by the GTCC - top podcast!! (Jonny and the team at Cafe Ventoux - Destination Cafe were also mentioned).

PS. I think Bills leg has ... See more

They say that everyone has 15 minutes of fame....... ours is 11 glorious minutes of nonsense - and today is the day you can listen to us chatting with G and Tom Fordyce on the GTCC podcast.
(We’re ... See more

2 months ago

In the words of Jeremy Clarkson......”speeeeed”

Eh, what are you on about Ward?? OK, so some of you will recall my slightly lactic-inducing efforts sessions last year (hoping to run them ... See more

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